Power Supply
All our modules have an integrated smps (switching) powersupply that pack ample power (peak current >3 times amplifiers rated output). Single channel versions are switchable between 110V and 230v (+/-10%), dual channel models have automatic mains selection.

Let us introduce our state of the art amplifier modules


Our Class D amplifier modules are manufactured by top Chinese audio-manufacturers. some of them are even leading in the field of digital audio and were nominated as leader in the National Standard of Class D Amplifiers. The amplifier D-Class modules we offer are designed and developed for the fierce competitive market in audio power amplifier and active loudspeakers. It features low cost, superb audio quality, full efficiency, stable workability, elaborate protection features (short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection, over- or under voltage protection, power limiting, temperature limiting), integrated heat sink and low electromagnetic interference. But most of all they sound natural and crisp and are plug and play. See below some highlights of these state-of-the-art amplifier modules.
Class-D Design

Our amplifier modules are developed using the state of the art chipsets and has self-adaptive noise and distortion cancellation. It features minimum idle (static) current and high efficiency. Our design elimenates any bus pumping and comes with a demodulation filter with precisely designed LC type Butterworth low pass filter. Peak value output power versus continuous output power is up to 3:1.


Thermal design
Our amplifier modules are based on switch technology providing high efficiency without needing any specific additional cooling. The modules are designed for audio signal purposes; the integrated heat sink and thermal design excel at large music power rather than pink noise. When the module reaches its maximum allowed temperature the temp. limit function is automatically activated. For extreme low impedance loading or high temp. >50℃, we recommend adding a cooling fan.


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